Aluminiumacetate-Tartrate powder is described in the Pharmacopoeia Helvetica (Ph. Helv.). Its aqueous solutions are listed in the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB), the Swiss Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Helv.), the Austrian Pharmacopoeia (OAB) and the British Pharmacopoeia (BP)1. The Aluminiumacetate Topical Solution described in the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) uses boric acid instead of tartaric acid as stabilizing agent.
Aluminiumacetate-Tartrate solutions can also be found in the Martindale, 30. Ed. (1993) and Hagers Handbook (1993).

White crystalline powder or colourless to light yellow crystals; slightly soluble in cold water, not soluble in alcohol.
Incompatibilities are desribed below under Adverse Effects and Precautions.
Store in tight containers.

Adverse Effects and Precautions:

Orale intake of Aluminiumacetate-Tartrate causes stomach-aches, nausea and vomiting. Larger doses can cause deadly erosions. Upon use of unsufficient diluted solutions or upon long-term use there is a threat of skin damage up to the emerge of necrosis.

Aluminiumacetate-Tartrate containing solutions are incompatible with alkaline reacting substances, lead salts, soluble phosphates and tannins.

Uses and Administration:

Aluminiumacetate-Tartrate solutions have astringent properties on skin and mucosa. It is used for rinsing of wounds and for wet compresses (dosage approx. 0,195 – 0,2175 % Aluminium) and in ointments an lotions (dosage approx. 1,30 – 1,45 % Aluminium) for irritating skin conditions.

Ear drops containing Aluminiumacetate reduce oedema and inflammation of the era by producing an acidic environment hostile to pathogenic bacteria2.
Furthermore, astringent aluminium salts are used as antiperspirants to reduce excessive perspiration.

Proprietary Names:

Multi-ingredient preparations.
Alsol® 50 g Salbe (athenstaedt, D), Altacet 1g Tabletten (LEK, CZ),
Aluminiumacetat-Tartrat DAB Lösung (athenstaedt, D), Essitol® Tabletten (athenstaedt, D),
Euceta 0,5 % Gel (Novartis, CH), Nasanal Nasensalbe (Brady, A)3.

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